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(no subject)  
11:35am 13/09/2011
So if some people with a dark secret / dark past kill themselves after seeing the Blessing, what will it do to Oswald? Will he kill himself / sacrifice himself to the Blessing to heal everything? That's very Torchwood - the anti-hero becoming a hero.
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11:10am 12/09/2011
Please don't tell me they are making Jack immortal because of something speshul!sparkly in his blood. I will cry.

From Utopia: "You're a fixed point in time and space; you're a fact. That's never meant to happen. Even the TARDIS reacted against you, tried to shake you off. Flew all the way to the end of the universe just to get rid of you."

Unless the Blessing is reacting against his blood, that I could believe, reacting as the TARDIS did, trying to eliminate him.

But how can you eliminate a fixed point in space and time?
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Torchwood - initial confused thoughts  
12:49pm 06/08/2011
- The one thing this Torchwood is doing is making me see how amazing Jack was in other Torchwoods. Now that's not a criticism, as life pumps into the world, it's seeming to pump out of Jack, in his actual body and also in his spirit.
- I think that was really reinforced when he was trying to reassure himself that he and Gwen were good together and Gwen just dropped his call to talk to Anwen. That would never have happened before Anwen's birth, and the baby has obviously given Gwen something she focusses on more than Jack
- Jack's going to end up very alone, I think, and probably unable to pull himself out of some situatio because his normal Jack-ness is fading to grey
- Jack vs Oswald will be interesting - Oswald has all the charisma that Jack normally has
- Jack is grey now, the multi-coloured, over the top Jack Harkness is missing and that's either bad acting / bad producing or an important part of the storyline

- Don't like Rex
- Who is Jilly?
- Is it as simple as a pharma company with Big Plans?
- Love that Andy was in it for a bit
- Have they mentioned Tosh (or even Suzie) yet?

- Is this all just to get Jack dead?

- Can Jack even actually die - if he's a fixed point in space and time, is that possible, and if that's possible, what happens to space / time if he is lost?
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Writer's Block: Play it again, e-reader  
01:08pm 22/06/2011
Which book do you find yourself regularly rereading, and why?

Intervention - Julian May
Silmarillion - some professor guy
Tough Guide to Fantasy Land - Diana Wynne Jones
Running a Hotel on the Roof of the World - Chris LeSueur
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Writer's Block: Practically amazing  
06:47pm 16/06/2011
If you could have a power that helps you with day-to-day living, like the ability to always get a seat on the bus, what would choose, and why?

Getting the tides to be at sensible times of the day in Kent!
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Sewing knotwork  
04:51pm 06/06/2011
Can some of my friends who are brilliant at sewing and such things give me such advice please?

I want to embroider a horribly complicated knotwork pattern onto a rough cloth surface. The embroidering is fine, I can do that, ditto designing the knotwork, but I'm a bit stuck on how to transfer the pattern onto a rough woolly/felty type cloth. Any ideas? Help! Please :)
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List meme 29. Favourite foods  
11:24pm 05/06/2011
oatmeal and raisin cookies
couscous, but only cooked the rrrrrright way!
bread and butter
ice cream
chilli and garlic prawns
hot smoked salmon
chocolate icing
vanilla anything
jacket potatoes
south african style lemon meringue pie
pad thai mmmmmm
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List meme 25. Things I'd rather be doing right now  
09:08pm 02/06/2011
You want me to answer that??!
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(no subject)  
08:36pm 02/06/2011
inzilbeth_liz - hope Tess is ok!! <3
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List meme 23. Guilty pleasures  
06:51pm 31/05/2011
- oatmeal and raisin cookies
- triple chocolate cookies (get a theme here?)
- The Apprentice
- Stovetop
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